Tom Paton


Feature Film


In Production


The Compact Research Unit 5.0, also known as Cru, is sent to a far off and barren moon, like a rover being sent to Mars. His mission is much the same too as he spends his days collecting samples and documenting the rocky terrain, sending the data back to humanity. But it’s been thirty years since he arrived and he hasn’t heard back from mankind in over twenty of those, discovering that humanity has wiped itself out in Cru’s absence. Accompanied by a reactivated CRU 2.0, that acts much like his pet dog, Cru’s world is turned upside down when a ship explodes in the moon’s orbit and in the wreckage, he finds a mechanical pod growing a human embryo inside. The First Law of his programming demands Cru do whatever it takes to make sure that a human is protected. Cru finds himself an unwitting parent-to-be as he sets off on an adventure to find the means to escape the moon. Along the way, Cru discovers that he’s not as alone on this strange world as he first thought.