MSR Media is a boutique film & television production company based in York, England.

We are uniquely positioned to create content suited to today’s exciting market: commercially viable film and television projects with very high production values, bankable lead actors, yet economically sound budgets. The company has strategic international distribution partnerships.

Philippe Martinez


From 1988 through 1990, Philippe Martinez was President of the famous Odeon Theater in Marseilles, one of the largest playhouses in Europe. At the end of 1990, at the age of 22, he decided to focus on a career as a feature film producer and moved to the United States. Since 1999, when Philippe launched Bauer Martinez Studios, he has produced 50 films.

Martinez has directed nine feature films: Citizen Verdict (Armand Assante), Wake of Death (Jean Claude Van Damme), The Chaos Experiment (Val Kilmer), VIKTOR (Gerard Depardieu/Elizabeth Hurley), General Commander (Steven Seagal) and four films in the Mister Mayfair series (Armand Assante, Steven Bauer).

He has just produced My Dad’s Christmas Date with Jeremy Piven and is currently in pre-production on several projects, including: the next instalment of Miss Willoughby (a family friendly mystery series), The Christmas Sisters (a Christmas comedy), City Girls (a family comedy), Singing in the Snow (a modern Christmas musical) and Natalya (a Russian historical opera).

Producing Highlights include: Modigliani (Andy Garcia and Elsa Zylberstein), Land of the Blind (Ralph Fiennes, Donald Sutherland), The Groomsmen (Ed Burns), I Could Never Be Your Woman (Paul Rudd, Michelle Pfeiffer), The Flock (Richard Gere and Claire Danes), VIKTOR (Gerard Depardieu and Elizabeth Hurley), General Commander (Steven Seagal) and the Mister Mayfair series.

Philippe is a graduate of The National Academy of Dramatic Art in Marseille.

Lee Beasley

Lee Beasley

Managing Director

Lee M Beasley is an experienced media banker with more than 25 years extensive experience of providing senior debt finance to the media sector around Asia together with funding of both local and worldwide independent film and television projects. Lee was born and educated in London and in 1986 joined the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK where he enjoyed almost 20 years service, the last 12 of which were focused on the worldwide media sector.

During this time, the Bank became one of the leading players in the European Independent Entertainment Sector. In 2006, Lee joined Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong as Head, Media and Entertainment and during his time there, the Bank financed the major Asian productions “Curse of the Golden Flower” and John Woo’s epic production “The Battle of Red Cliff”. The Bank was also the world’s single largest financier of the Australian Producer Offset.

Lee is a regular speaker at industry events and attends all of the key film and television markets around the world. During his career, Lee has provided funding for over 250 film and television projects and built a solid network of key industry contacts around the globe. Projects financed range from straightforward local small/medium sized films to multi million, multi territory, multi-party co-productions.

Megan Martinez


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Business Affairs

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Creative Associate