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A great comedy where old friends reunite in an inherited beachfront house on the magical Caribbean island of Nevis, taking one year off to reset their lives.

Every year, control freak Caroline reunites with her mother and three very different sisters to celebrate Christmas together at her Yorkshire mansion. It’s always a challenge; it’s always confrontational; it’s always comedic. Nothing, however, can prepare them for the chaos that ensues when their long-lost father arrives with his 35-year-old American girlfriend. Only one thing’s for sure in this festive comedy: you’ve never seen a Christmas like this!


Two years after the death of her mum, Jules is struggling to cope. Desperate to find someone with whom she can talk, Jules decides to register her grieving Dad, David, to online dating without his knowledge. Sparks fly in this Christmas comedy as Jules comes to learn that her old dad is better than any new mum.

Max Mayfair is living the ‘good life’. Having left New York City and his past as a gangster, he now runs the most illustrious club in all of London. Guns have been replaced with glamour and bank heists with the blues. That is, until the unexpected arrival of his unknown granddaughter, Barbara. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Ava, and the rest of his London crime family, Max will learn that Mayfair is just as dangerous as Manhattan, only this time he has everything to lose.

Tragically orphaned at a young age, Elizabeth Willoughby (Nathalie Cox) inherited her impressive family estate and was raised by retired US Marine, Robert (Kelsey Grammer), who also runs the family business. Under his watchful guidance, her childhood was spent studying strategy, history and literature, all the while mastering the ancient arts of combat. Now an Ancient Civilization professor at University, Willoughby receives a call from family friends, Helen and Oliver Deakins, who...